Grace and Allen's Machu Picchu Honeymoon

Grace & Allen's Honeymoon

Machu Picchu Trip, 5/31/2007 - 6/10/2007

Day 1 Pictures (First day at Cusco)
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Day 2 Pictures (City Tour & Sacsayhuaman)
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Day 3 Pictures (Sacred Valley & Pisac)
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Day 4 Pictures (Day 1 Inca Hike)
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Day 5 Pictures (Day 2 Inca Hike)
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Day 6 Pictures (Day 3 Inca Hike)
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Day 7 Pictures (Day 4 Inca Hike)
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Day 8 Pictures (Machu Picchu Visit)
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Day 9 Pictures (Leaving Cusco and Visiting Lima)
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This is the story of Grace and Allen's honeymoon. Grace had always had Machu Picchu down as one the places she must visit. Once the location was picked, Allen easily decided that they would hike the Inca Trails to get to Machu Picchu. While some may think this is a little "hardcore" for a honeymoon, Grace and Allen have been backpacking since they first met. It is overall a beautiful and romantic trip. With porter support - and after all the bruises and aches have gone away - this trip will be remembered as a piece of cake!
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